I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, when I was 9 years old, during a revival service at my church. Since that early decision I have learned much about the Bible, about God and Christ, and about my own faith. However, my knowledge is still woefully incomplete and my faith is often lacking. For example, even today I have many questions about God, about space and time, and about the occurrence of tragedies in the lives of individuals. Yet in the midst of these questions I can affirm several principles of my personal faith as follows: (1) God's unfailing love is available to all persons; (2) God is active and draws us to Him even when we do not recognize it; (3) God's forgiveness is available if we confess our sins to Him (I John 1:9); (4) Christ's death was an atonement for our individual sins, and His resurrection points toward our eternal life with Him; and (5) Christ lives in His believers via the presence of the Holy Spirit, and He want us to make Him an active part of our daily lives. Even though these principles can be concisely stated, they are profound both in theology and in practice. Pragmatically, I can operationalize them by recognizing my dependences on God/Christ for the strength and energy to meet daily challenges. Such challenges may include making difficult choices, taking unpopular stances, and striving to be consistent with what I say and what I do. Prayer provides me with a continuing daily opportunity to draw closer to God, to strengthen my recognition and knowledge of Him, and to ask for wisdom in meeting life's challenges.